Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can Become a Member? How much does it cost?

    Annual membership dues are $50 per organization, association or business.  A reduced individual and student rate of $20 is available.

    Fill out the application form on the documents page.

  2. History of WCLA

    There are 37 named lakes in Walworth County, ranging in size from 8 to over 5,000 acres. In July of 2001, Walworth County Lakes Specialist Audrey Greene gathered representatives from a number of these lakes to determine if there was a need or interest in forming a countywide lakes group. After just two meetings, it was apparent that indeed, there was not only a need, but also an enthusiastic response. Leaders of lake improvement associations, sanitary districts, lake management districts and conservancy groups expressed a desire to share resources and experiences in lake protection and management issues among one another and with governmental units. There were 11 lake organizations that formed the core group during the initial planning stage, and that has now expanded to represent approximately 15 lakes. Each lake may have more than one organization represented in the Walworth County Lake Association (WCLA) and each organization is given a vote on association matters.

    The purpose of the WCLA is to provide a resource for Walworth County Lakes to share lake-related information and concerns among one another and with governmental units.

    In September of 2003, the Walworth County Lakes Association was formed under Chapter 181 of the Wisconsin Statutes and in January 2005, it was granted tax-exempt status (501(c) 3 by the IRS. The Association meets every other month, and the programs include speakers from the DNR, town, city and county governments. In addition, association members make presentations regarding special projects undertaken on their respective lakes. Sharing information, experiences and expertise is the key element for the lake group.

    Presentation of 2008 Founding of WCLA